2020 Newest Hot Products: Lash glue Liner

Jun 22, 2020

Lash glue liner is our newest products and hot selling products

Lash glue and Lash liner in one pen, So not need specail lash glue now;

This adhesive eyeliner pen will change the way you apply false lashes forever Say goodbye to traditional eyelash glue and hello to the easiest applicator you will ever use. Our eyelash adhesive pen is compatible with any strip lashes.

- Get 30+ uses from your regular strip lashes with our no-mess formula

- Apply lashes anytime, anywhere

- No glue or latex

- Easy removal

- Lasts over 60 uses

Our eyeliner adhesive pen formula is completely waterproof and will hold your lashes all day without any issues at all. It also lasts for over 60 uses! Remove with warm water or any makeup remover.

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